Sales Effectiveness and Enablement Solutions for Better Selling

Sales Effectiveness

Revenue generating activities account for only 41% of a seller’s time. In a 50-hour week that’s only two days! Spending time on bad leads, searching for content and assembling proposals by hand all eat into valuable selling time. Information and automation are the keys.

Sales Effectiveness Challenges and Solutions

Challenge: Applying Compensation Fairly and Effectively

It’s end of the quarter, and you have to figure out how to compensate your best salespeople – and your not-so-best. You need the right mix of base pay, stock, bonus and special rewards that makes financial sense and motivates your salespeople.

Solution: Leverage Complete Systems for Incentive Compensation

An ad hoc system of incentive compensation isn’t good for anyone. You need a flexible and powerful system to model different scenarios with a broad range of compensation methods.
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Challenge: Gaining Every Advantage in the Field

Your best salesperson is at a potential client’s site, and the client wants to see a quote and a proposal. A competing company is preparing a quote and proposal, so time is of the essence. Your salesperson needs an optimized proposal that will ensure maximum revenue – before the competing quote comes in.

Solution: Generate Quotes and Proposals on the Fly

Preparing quotes and proposals from scratch in the office takes too much time – and is rife with potential mistakes. Your reps need to gather information about products, services and clients on the go to close the deal and maximize revenue.
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Challenge: Ensuring All Your Employees Have Training

Making sure every employee has the proper training and coaching is crucial. Most learning authoring tools can cause more problems than they solve, with questionable quality assurance and poor performance on mobile devices.

Solution: Leverage Mobile Learning and Course Authoring Tools

When you make your training easily accessible online and on mobile devices, your training becomes even more efficient and likely to be adopted.
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