Producer Pro

Producer Pro

Producer Pro includes everything carriers need to automate and simplify producer administration and management, helping your organization improve efficiency, maintain compliance, and reduce risk.

Producer Pro Product Tour
  • Achieve trusted and current producer data across the enterprise
  • Maintain compliance with the ever-changing regulatory environment
  • Gain real-time visibility into producer information
  • Automate personalized correspondence
  • Streamline integration with on-premise or SaaS systems
  • Extend the solution to include onboarding, compensation, and more

Achieve trusted and current producer data across the enterprise

Managing producer compliance profiles and changing roles and relationships is time-consuming. Consolidate and capture all relevant information about captive or independent agents over the entire business lifecycle, and share it easily with downstream distribution systems.

The entire enterprise can leverage one source of accurate and up-do date information, including:

  • A single producer identifier encompassing multiple roles and relationships
  • Complete compliance profiles including E&O, license checks, appointments, background checks, contracts, and more
  • Book of business management and tracking
  • Continuing education records
  • Correspondence records

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Maintain compliance with the ever-changing regulatory environment

Slash the time and effort needed to keep your producers and your business compliant. Producer Pro reduces manual data entry and connects you with all the data sources you need to help manage compliance. And with regular software updates from CallidusCloud, you can reduce risk and keep informed of any regulatory changes.

License Education

  • Turnkey data synchronization with NIPR, DTCC, FINRA, and other regulators
  • Monitoring of licenses and appointments and education/certification records with expiration dates
  • Integration with systems for background checks, credit checks, and previous employment history
  • An integrated tool set to support compliance tracking
  • Standard and user-defined compliance rules
  • Detailed audit logs that capture changes made to every screen

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Gain real-time visibility into producer information

With a single repository for accurate and current producer information, you can see at a glance the key information you need, when you need it. Gain a historical view of producers with insights that can help you plan and save time and money.

Producer Pro provides:

  • Complete visibility into every producer, book of business, vendor, customer, geographical area, policy, product, and more
  • Out-of the box graphical reports that simplify planning and compliance
  • The ability for business users to build custom reports and KPIs


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Streamline integration with on-premise or SaaS systems

Streamline Integration

Not being able to connect systems together creates redundant data sources that increase operations costs and can introduce errors. Producer Pro easily integrates with on-premise and SaaS solutions using batch utilities, or real time with REST-based web services. Leverage accurate and current data in Producer Pro while maintaining existing systems.

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Extend Producer Pro to meet business needs

Meeting your unique requirements shouldn't require complex coding. Based on a proven cloud infrastructure, Producer Pro is purpose-built for insurance industry business users.

Business Need

Without coding, business users can:

  • Add, move, or change fields
  • Control the look and feel of all screens, including branding and layout
  • Design and generate reports
  • Define code values, security, defaulting logic, workflow, and more
  • Add and change hierarchies

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Partner with a trusted cloud provider

Producer Pro by CallidusCloud is based on proven CallidusCloud cloud technology that supports over 2.5 million users and billions of transactions a month.

CallidusCloud Insurance Solution

Producer Pro is part of a complete set of solutions for the insurance industry that include

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