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Insurance Incentive Compensation

The CallidusCloud Insurance solution gives you the most comprehensive, secure, and flexible solution to transform your business into the digital agency of tomorrow. CallidusCloud maintains a constant focus on innovation and R&D for the insurance industry, so you get the most agile end-to-end solution to manage the entire producer lifecycle from onboarding to payout.

CallidusCloud Insurance Suite

By using CallidusCloud Insurance solution, you gain an unmatched ability to achieve superior distribution performance and efficiency, which helps you win the loyalty of your producers and customers.

With the CallidusCloud Insurance solution, you get:

  • Fast and accurate producer payouts to avoid overpayments
  • Drillable, unlimited graphical reports for strategic distribution planning
  • Faster and automated onboarding of producers
  • A single source of truth to better manage your book of business
  • Automated credential management to ensure you are 100 percent compliant

Onboard Producers and Bring Them Up to Speed Fast

Quickly onboard producers by following a step-by-step methodology that uses customized contractual terms and eliminates manual errors.

Onboard Producers

The CallidusCloud Insurance solution offers:

  • Automated credential management with productized integration to NIPR, DTCC, and FINRA
  • Faster appointment of producers through the electronic signature capability for contracts
  • Built-in checks to ensure onboarding sessions are complete and follow your validation rules
  • Fast and easy transfer as well as termination of producers by using a prepackaged workflow
  • A mobile-friendly, easy method to deliver, score, and monitor training and continuing education

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View a Single Source of Truth on Your Producers

Manage the entire producer lifecycle by using an end-to-end solution that not only gives you full visibility but also provides unlimited reporting, so you can make the right distribution planning decisions.

Single Source of Truth

With the CallidusCloud Insurance solution, you gain:

  • A repository for all producer-related information, giving you clarity into reporting and compliance tracking
  • Full visibility into your entire book of business to manage date-effective relationships
  • The ability to easily communicate with agents by using email or letters
  • The ability to make mass changes smoothly in the event of a merger and acquisition
  • The capability to rank and group your producers according to your criteria

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Coach to Motivate Your Producers

Coach your producers with targeted sessions to improve productivity for both your captive and independent agents. You can:

  • Conduct closed-loop coaching to ensure objectives are set and producers take action
  • Get a 360-degree view of your producers’ performance and key performance indicators (KPIs) measured over time
  • Identify A players and their unique selling behaviors
  • Coach B players into A players to increase your ROI
  • Make key personnel decisions based on rich, standardized feedback on producers and managers

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Incent Your Producers with Accuracy and Transparency

Design, roll out, and manage compensation plans for an unlimited number of payees, multiple lines of business, and numerous products for both your captive and independent agents.

The CallidusCloud Insurance solution can handle the most complex hierarchical relationships. Deliver accurate payouts even as you give your producers a self-service portal to raise disputes and increase their visibility into all compensation matters. You can:

  • Perform splits and credit an unlimited number of payees for a sale through roll-up, roll-down, roll-over, and so forth
  • Manage tiered bonuses, SPIFs, draw-downs, accelerators, multidimensional rates, and so on
  • Do retroactive processing to manage evolving hierarchies and organizational changes
  • Model and forecast compensation plans to understand their economic impact
  • Encourage positive selling behaviors through gamification, contests, and badges


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Be Compliant, Reduce Risk

The CallidusCloud Insurance solution gives you full compliance at both the state and federal levels, so you can focus on your core business and not worry about the ever-changing regulatory environment.

be compliant and reduce risk

Get audit logs for every screen showing you who made what changes and when. The solution offers:

  • Monitoring of license, appointment, and education/certification records with expiration dates
  • Background checks, credit checks, and vetting of previous employment history
  • The ability to trace a payout to its original sale for complete auditability
  • An integrated tool set to support compliance tracking and payment edits
  • Standard integrated compliance rules in addition to user-defined compliance rules

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Give Producers the Mobile Advantage

Enable your producers with the mobile advantage, improving productivity and convenience. Give them increased access, greater visibility, and an ability to learn on the go. Producers can take training or continuing education outside of a classroom by using the offline functionality.

mobile advantage

With the CallidusCloud Insurance solution, you can:

  • Onboard and appoint producers by using a mobile device
  • Use a producer portal to raise disputes, look up compensation statements and performance metrics
  • Coach producers anytime, anywhere on your iPad — even during a ride-along

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Choose a Private Cloud or On-Premise Deployment

The CallidusCloud Insurance solution is available as both an on-premise and a SaaS solution.

private cloud to on premise

In the SaaS model, you can opt for a private cloud, which is almost like an on-premise deployment but you get to enjoy increased control over upgrades and release cycles without any of the associated costly overhead. In the private cloud model, you get:

  • Dedicated regions for production, testing, training, and modeling
  • The ability to have exclusive instances with no application sharing
  • Complete control over your data, personally identifiable information, compliance data, and so forth


Alternatively, you could choose the managed enterprise option. With this model, you can:

  • Run CallidusCloud solutions in your data center
  • Enjoy shared responsibilities for data management and data integration
  • Let CallidusCloud take care of provisioning, installation, maintenance, and upgrades of the application(s)

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Keep Your Data Private, Secure, and Compliant in the Cloud

You have your own business to worry about. Since the cloud is our business, CallidusCloud protects your data with more security measures than you could ever adopt.

Keep Your Data Private, Secure, and Compliant

At CallidusCloud, we ensure compliance with all data privacy and data security regulations, hire third parties to test our systems in real time, undergo regular security audits, and support levels of access controls and data handling procedures that maintain data integrity and prevent misuse. Some of the world’s largest insurers entrust CallidusCloud with their data. We process data only in accordance with a customer’s lawful instructions.

CallidusCloud solutions have built-in security at every layer:

  • Data centers are physically protected from unauthorized access, damage, and interference
  • Database security protects heterogeneous data within the cloud
  • Applications are secured at the function, transaction, field, and data level
  • Middleware provides single sign-on and identity federation
  • Network and communication security controls ensure complete confidentiality, integrity, and nonrepudiation of data

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Simplify Connectivity to Other Systems and Data Sources

The CallidusCloud Insurance solution can integrate to any product, simplifying integration and connectivity to other systems and data sources with no need for any coding at all.

You have the ability to:

  • Transfer data from any system, such as HR systems, ERP systems, or even legacy systems
  • Synchronize data between your existing systems and applications into CallidusCloud applications
  • Deploy quickly by using out-of-the-box data connectors

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